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Commercial Management Services

Brahin’s Commercial Property Associates’ Management Services Division supplies clients with a comprehensive property management package.

Commercial Property Associates

Through strong communication skills and under expert professional direction, a long range asset management plan is prepared with the client. Realistic projections are then derived from a detailed market analysis and, based on cash flow parameters from existing leases, becomes a blue print for the property. This customized plan is tailored to goals set for the property (i.e., long term investment, or sale). This goal oriented approach to management provides the client with a clear and easy system to track the property’s success under the management and direction of Commercial Properties Associates (CPA).

Commercial Property Associates Management will supply accounting, leasing, maintenance and administrative services designed to maximize efficient operation, return on investment and achieve goals set by the client for the property.

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Commercial Development & Management Services

Joseph G. Savaro

Director of Asset Management

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