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McNaughton’s Garden Center
Rt 9 & Bethel Road
Somers Point, New Jersey 08244

As a mainstay in the South Jersey and Delaware Valley landscaping industry, McNaughton’s Nursery wanted to construct a state of the art facility that would provide them a stage to dramatically highlight their landscaping talents. They succeeded when they built this free standing 35,000 square foot building with an exterior sales and garden area of 50,000 square feet.

Situated on Route 9 in Somers Point, New Jersey, directly across from the 279,026 square foot Somers Point Plaza, the McNaughton’s property has tremendous exposure in the thriving commercial district of this growing South Jersey community.

With a large parking field, access to two traffic lights and over 900 feet of frontage along Route 9, this property creates an exciting possibility of numerous opportunities and potential for the Brahin portfolio.


Marcy Golden
215-563-7222 ext 24

1 Mile 3 Mile 5 Mile
Population: 8,685 29,757 72,189
Households: 3,590 11,465 28,838
Avg. Household Income: $79,523 $93,564 $93,874
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