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NJ Motorsports Park Commercial Corner
Buckshutem Rd & Dividing Creek Rd.
Millville, NJ 08332

Since its opening in 2008, New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) has been ranked as one of the top 25 tourist attractions in the State of New Jersey and is now considered a mainstay to Southern New Jersey tourism programs.

With over 500,000 visitors per year, NJMP has drawn spectators, participants and general racing fans from over 30 different countries and nearly every State. Sports entertainment has been the focal point for NJMP during its early stages but future development activities on the 700 acre complex will include the motorsports businesses, schools, hospitality, restaurants and retail opportunities.

New Jersey Motorsports Park is making available a limited number of prime commercial lots available at it’s Commercial Corner for long term ground lease or acquisition. Potential Build To Suits for qualified individuals and companies also available.


Lee Brahin
215-563-7222 ext 20

Located within the 700-acre NJMP Campus, the Commercial Corner offers it’s building and business owners the “unfair advantage” over their competitors. Our premium trackside building lots are located next to the Park’s two world class road courses. On-Track Testing time is available, as well as close proximity to other race support, high technology businesses and most important, your customers.

Additionally, the Commercial Corner is a two-minute drive to the Millville Municipal Airport which sits adjacent to the nation’s most conveniently located world-class motorsports park.

Commercial Corner building lots are designed to accommodate your needs. Whether you are interested in developing your personal or team “Garage Mahal,” Race Shop, Retail Space, Showroom or Motorsports related business. Lots are sized to accommodate building, related parking and storage areas for facilities from 3,000 to 20,000 square feet.

NJMP Commercial Corner Building Lots are located in a New Jersey Redevelopment Area and each lot owner may apply for a five (5) year tax abatement and other economic incentives.

Permitted uses include:
▪ Retail Gasoline Service Station
▪ Service Garages utilized by Automobile, Motorcycle, Karting and/or ATV tuners
▪ Mechanics, Fabricators and Performance Centers
▪ Vehicle Sales, Rental Facilities and/or Auctions
▪ Retail Space used in connection with the sale of Automotive, Motorsports and/or Aerospace Related Accessories
▪ Retail Space used for ATVs, Off-Road Vehicles, Helicopters and their Related Accessories, Clothing, Equipment, Parts and/or Memorabilia
▪ Research and Development Facilities
▪ Incubator Centers
▪ Technical and/or Vocational Schools
▪ Warehousing, Distribution Centers associated with the Motorsports Industry use
▪ Storage Facilities associated with the Motorsports Industry use
▪ Motorsports Fabrication, Silk Screening, Printing, Embroidery, and/or Graphics Businesses associated with the Motorsports Industry use

Get the “unfair advantage” and make NJMP the home for your race shop or motorsports business!
For more information about Commercial Corner at NJMP, please call 856-327-7202

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Population: 12,351 30,420 30,420
Households: 4,525 10,699 10,699
Avg. Household Income: $52,297 $66,994 $66,994
  • Over 500,000 visitors per year
  • Ranked as one of the top tourist attractions in the State of New Jersey
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