Management Services

Commercial Property Associates’ Management Services Division supplies clients with a comprehensive property management package.

Through strong communication skills and under expert professional direction, a long range asset management plan is prepared with the client.  Realistic projections are then derived from a detailed market analysis and, based on cash flow parameters from existing leases, becomes a blue print for the property.  This customized plan is tailored to goals set for the property (i.e., long term investment, or sale).  This goal oriented approach to management provides the client with a clear and easy system to track the property’s success under the management and direction of Commercial Properties Associates (CPA).

Commercial Property Associates Management will supply accounting, leasing, maintenance and administrative services designed to maximize efficient operation, return on investment and achieve goals set by the client for the property.

Accounting Services

  • Rent collection including delinquencies, eviction procedures and the judicial process.
  • Render timely monthly and year-to-date operating statements, and financial reports to the owner.
  • Disbursements to vendors and service contractors for services provided to the property.
  • Comprehensive review of all leases to assure proper charges for rent, recoveries, etc.
  • Review and approval of all contracts and requests for payment from vendors and service contractors.
  • Prepare an annual income and expense budget for the approval of the owner.

Leasing Service

  • Work with clients to obtain leasing targets and then implement marketing strategies to obtain viable prospective tenants.
  • Initiate a comprehensive local marketing program to identify and secure local tenants including the use of local brokerage agencies.
  • Maintain contact with existing tenants in order to maximize tenant retention.
  • Negotiate mutually agreeable occupancy agreements for both the client and the prospective tenant.
  • Prepare lease administration procedures from the execution of the lease through construction services and tenant’s occupancy term to assure full lease compliance from both Landlord and Tenant.

The Brahin Organization is actively involved with the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and has an extensive network of relationships with commercial brokers, tenants, financing sources and in the construction industry.

Property Maintenance

  • Design and implement individualized common area and building maintenance programs to assure that properties improve their appearance and value.
  • Set monthly and annual maintenance schedules to protect against seasonal or liability issues.
  • Prepare long term capital improvement projects to assist client owners in forecasting capital expenditures.
  • Conduct regular property inspections to set action steps for maintenance projects.
  • Identify and negotiate both routine and extraordinary service agreements and contracts for each property.
  • Supervise, inspect and analyze contractor services.
  • Manage the response to all tenant related complaints or work orders for occupancy issues.
  • Prepare long term capital improvement budgets and packages for client’s financing requirements.

Individual property needs vary and often an unexpected crisis occurs but the consistent professionalism and experience that the property management team at the Brahin Organization offers assures that the client’s interests are being efficiently and cost effectively protected.